Positive Shift

with Barry Chaffee

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Welcome to my personal website! I am Barry Chaffee, a serial entrepreneur, life coach, former pastor, and photographer.

My Signature Program: Shift Happens!

Quick Mindset Shifts for overcoming limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts that may be holding you back from achieving your goals, or fulfilling your life purpose.


Years of Experience

I combine my business experience, pastoral counseling background with life coaching to help my clients discover their life purpose and develop a plan and system to achieve it.

Owner & Founder

Plus 4 Real Estate Inc.

A Residential MLS real estate company in Minneapolis & St. Paul.

Legacy Church Directories & Portraits.

Owner & Founder, Legacy Inspiration LLC

Directory Publishing and Family Portraits in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

10+ Ministry Experience

Parish Pastor

Pastor of several congregations in the Midwest.

Certified Life Coach & Diploma from HMI College of Hypnotherapy

My Signature Coaching Program

Shift Happens: Rapid Mindset Shifts for Success

My Substack Blog & YouTube Channels

Blog and Vlogs (video Log) for Mindset Shifts from negative to positive. Inspirational content. I write about everything from entrepreneurial success, to metaphysical concepts and spirituality.

My Substack Blog

My content delves into everything from motivational and inspirational to the metaphysical and esoteric realm, providing you with insights and stories that expand your consciousness and deepen your understanding of the universe.