Meet Barry Chaffee

Barry helps newbie and experienced Solopreneurs create a Winning Mindset.

Barry has helped Solopreneurs find their Inner Winner.  Breakthrough Imposter Syndrome. Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Write a Powerful Story. 

Working with me You will Undo...

In one or two 50 minute sessions I will help you identify any unconscious blocks, any negative internal self-talk or other issues that need to be removed and replace them with an empowering, clear, focused mindset , so you can focus on having an amazing life and career. I’ll walk you through a tailored step-by-step program designed just for you. 

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What Others Are Saying...

Ken McArthur,
Author & Film Producer

Barry Chaffee is a master of communicating compassion and quality through his coaching, business acumen and powerful listening skills.

Michelle Lance

Barry reminds me of the song by the Eagles, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”. I knew that anytime I needed to talk, Barry would listen. And when Barry listened, a calm would come over me. He also knows when the time is right to speak his words of wisdom. He is the true meaning of the word genuine. I think I’ll call him now!!

Ken Newhook

It is my honor to recommend Barry Chaffee to you. I have known him for 25 years. and he has distinguished himself as a gifted mentor, as a colleague I observed him to be a skilled negotiator and on a personal level he has been a wise and compassionate friend..

Helping Solopreneurs Thrive in 2021

Find the right audience

Are you marketing and reaching people in line with your mission.  Are you congruent with your purpose in life.

Have potential clients reaching out to you

You attract the right clients when they sense your passion and authenticity in your messaging and marketing.

Narrow down your Solopreneur Niche 

I help new Solopreneurs find a business niche that aligns with their strengths, passion and sense of purpose.

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