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I Coach Business as a Spiritual practice

I’d love to help you explore your deepest calling and highest potential in business.

Your business as a spiritual practice

Do you feel lost and don't know where to turn?

If you feel lost and don't know where to turn, I can help you. As a coach, I help people find their purpose and passion in life. I also teach them how to use their business as a spiritual practice. My goal is to help you find your authentic self so that you can create a life and business that are aligned with your values. I believe that everyone has the potential to create a life of abundance, joy, and fulfillment. If you feel lost and don't know where to turn, I can help you find your way. Schedule a free discovery call with me today and let's see how I can help you achieve your dreams.

I'm here to guide you.

Sometimes we all get lost and just need a helping hand to point us in the right direction.

I view businesses as opportunities to grow and develop ourselves and our relationships with others. I believe that businesses can be a force for good in the world, and my goal is to help you create a business that is not only successful but also fulfilling and meaningful.

Get clarity of mind

I can help you find clarity of mind. I'll help you connect with your intuition and intuition to make decisions that are aligned with your deepest desires. We'll work together to create a business that is based on your values and that supports your highest good.

Break Through Blocks

If you're feeling stuck in your business, it may be time to break through some blocks. I can help you connect with your inner coach and say goodbye to your inner critic. Together we can work on identifying the blocks that are holding you back and find creative solutions to break through them. 

Re-ignite Your Fire!

As a spiritual business coach, I can help you re-ignite the fire that you once had. I will help you remember your passion and reconnect with your why. When you reconnect with your "why" you will be able to re-ignite the fire that you once had.

A proven system that works (here's the proof!)


Barry Chaffee is a master of communicating compassion and quality through his coaching, business acumen, and powerful listening skills

Ken McArthur, Best Selling Author & Feature Film Producer-Director


It is my honor to recommend Barry Chaffee to you. I have known him for 25 years and he has distinguished himself as a gifted coach, as a colleague I observed him to be a skilled negotiator and on a personal level he has been a wise and compassionate friend.

Rev. Ken Newhook


Barry reminds me of the song by the Eagles, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”. I knew that anytime I needed to talk, Barry would listen. And when Barry listened, a calm would come over me. He also knows when the time is right to speak his words of wisdom. He is the true meaning of the word genuine. I think I’ll call him now!!

Michelle Lance


I was stuck and frustrated because I'd lost my passion or sense of purpose in my business. Barry helped me remove so old mental blocks that I had for years and was unaware they were in my head. Awesome experience!

Ron Schaller

"I would love to offer you a free discovery call"

Barry Chaffee

image of woman with light bulb above head having an aha moment.


I help people to find their true north and re-align with their core values. By reconnecting with what is most important to them, they are able to make more empowered choices in all areas of their lives.


 Try my 5-DAY CHALLENGE. A Free mini-course to get you back on track.

image of man meditating on mountain


 I help people to bring mindfulness into their business lives. Mindfulness is the practice of being present and aware in the moment, without judgment. It can help us be more focused and productive, reduce stress, and improve our well-being.

Get it Free. limited time offer.

Are You Stuck?  Do you need help overcoming mental blocks and negative self-talk?  Experience a light hypnotic state with powerful suggestions for overcoming mental blocks to your success.

"I created this meditation just for you. YES YOU!"

barry chaffee

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