How to Integrate Spirituality and Business

I used to beat myself up because I was torn between my love for creating products, services and entrepreneurship and the other side of me that is a spiritual seeker.  It has taken years for me to understand I can integrate the two.  I was compartmentalizing my life which kept me in a constant state of conflict.  One of the blessings of the internet (I know there are many downsides), is the ability to find others who have been down the same path and discovered spiritual entrepreneurship. Pre-internet I spent a lot of time in Barnes & Noble searching for good reads that would help me find a way to blend my spiritual and business desires.

I have had a strange career path because of these opposing thoughts and values.  I have owned a successful real estate residential agency in Minnesota.  I have owned a pictorial directory publishing business in Pennsylvania, and I have been successful at sales and mgmt.  I was also a pastor of several congregations in different parts of the country. I had a brief career as a divorce mediator, and I am now a life coach.  You can see the dilemma.

The definition of a spiritual entrepreneur is an individual who aspires to:

  1. Create a product or service that benefits the community, locally or worldwide.
  2. Create a successful, profitable business that makes a positive impact on culture.
  3. Promote wholeness and inspiration.  Bring awareness to our oneness.
  4. Fulfill a calling or passion from within the entrepreneur’s spirit.

This is not about being Buddhist or Hindu or Christian or Muslim or Jewish or any other specific religion, although it may employ some specific teachings from any or all those traditions. This is about working toward economic, social, and environmental balance through service to others, selflessness and love for the Creator and creation.  At the same time, finding fulfillment as you watch your business grow and bring life abundant.

So, I am no longer torn between business and spirituality.  The less I worry about making money and continue to follow the passion and desire to create something meaningful, the money seems to take care of itself. 

Being a spiritual entrepreneur doesn’t mean you will feel spiritual bliss every day.  There are plenty of ups and downs even when you are following your passion.  It’s not easy, it still takes hard work.  You might be tempted to take a few shortcuts, like I have in the past, to make a quick buck.  And that might work, but you will be robbing yourself of the sense of inner purpose and fulfillment.

Spiritual entrepreneur is probably a misleading term.  I don’t go around calling myself a spiritual entrepreneur. I don’t like labels of any kind.  But it is a good term for defining a path in life. 

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