Solopreneur Video Series

Below you will find the 10 part video series.  Keep checking back.  I will be adding more free videos and solopreneur resources to this page.  This is just the start!

Module 1 Training

Lesson 2.  How to Prevent Solopreneur Burnout.

Lesson 3.  A Family Business

Lesson 4.  5 Key Ingredients for Solopreneur Success

Module 2 Training

Lesson 5 - Free Business Tools

When you're starting out you need all your cash.  These Free tools will help you keep your cash.

Lesson 6 - Tax Tips for Solopreneurs

5 Tax Tips Every Solopreneur Should Know.  One of the most important things you can do at the beginning of your business is preparing a well organized  tax and record keeping system.

Lesson 7 - Pandemic Safe Networking for Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs

Here are 5 ways to network during the pandemic.  Networking is crucial to your business.  You can continue to network during these crazy time.

Lesson 8 - 5 Ways to Maximize Social Media for Solorpreneurs

All about Branding. Optimize your Profile, Scheduling, When to post. Tailor your content to maximize results. Avoid shoddy promotions.

Lesson 9 - How to Stay Motivated in your Solopreneur Business

Every Solopreneur has ups and downs.  There are ways and methods to have more Ups than Downs.  Learn how stay motivated.

Lesson 10 - 5 Solopreneur Businesses You Can Run From Your Couch

Not sure what type of business to run as a Solopreneur?  Here are 5 possibilities you can run as home based businesses.

Module 3 Training

Entrepreneurial Courage

Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature, but risk taking can cause extreme stress and anxiety. Learn how an entrepreneur can manage the fears and stress of new ventures. 

Is Imposter Syndrome Holding You Back?

Do you feel like you're a fraud or an imposter? Do you feel like at any time you will be found out? Many Entrepreneurs who are very successful, still suffer from this syndrome.

Do You Fear Success?

Many Solopreneurs fail, not because they don't have a good business plan, but because they have programmed themselves to failure. The good news is, you can reprogram and overcome negative limiting beliefs.

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Strategy for becoming an Effective Influencer
List of Top Influencers to follow and how to post so their huge audience sees your comment.

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