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How to Overcome Emotional Eating

Maybe you’re reading this because you are eating to relieve stress. In this post we’ll look at how to overcome emotional eating.

You find yourself binge eating when you are feeling stressed out. This possibly could be a pattern that you developed in your childhood or it could be a reaction to a stressful period in your life.

This pattern of emotional eating can become a roadblock to your attempt to lose weight or to develop a healthy lifestyle. The fact that you are reading this means, rationally, you know that this habit is not serving you well.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is not something you do rationally or consciously. It’s pattern that you have learned that is seated in your subconscious, as a way to deal with unpleasant emotions. And we know that food does not help heal unpleasant emotions.

Food only masks the unwanted emotions. Food can only satisfy hunger, if you have other emotional needs like the need for sleep or relaxation, the need for excitement, the need for meaningful relationships or the need for a life of purpose.

If you’re trying to meet those needs with food, you will continue to feel empty. Are you feeling lonely, or anxious and feeling the need for safety and security?

Using food to cover up those feelings is like having a hole in the roof of your home and trying to fix it by putting in new windows. It just won’t work. It’s the wrong solution for a deeper problem.

Fortunately their are solutions to overcome emotional eating.

One of those solutions that helps many people is hypnosis. Working with a certified hypnotist or hypnotherapist who will calmly, yet firmly guide you to separate in your subconscious mind the emotional needs from the needs of true physical hunger.

This can also be done through an effective self-hypnosis audio narrated by a qualified professional. Every audio downloaded hypnosis session is crafted by a team of 4 experienced hypnotherapists and psychologists, so you are getting the very best self hypnosis available.

Does hypnosis really work?

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