If you’re in sales or business and struggle with making phone calls or in person cold calls, I can help you overcome this fear. I didn’t realize I had this fear until I started my first sales position after college. I was hired as a sales representative for one of the largest life insurance company in the U.S.

I was excited to enter the world of sales. I was full of confidence and enthusiasm until the first day after training was complete. I was given a desk and a phone and told to start making at least 50 calls per day to prospective clients. All of sudden I wasn’t so confident. I didn’t think initially it would be a problem until I actually picked up the phone and froze. I forced myself to make a few calls, but after a number of rejections I found a way to divert my attention to busy work and pretend the phone wasn’t there on my desk.

I have been in some form of sales and sales mgmt most of my career. The fear of the phone and the fear of rejection never went away until many years later I had a session with a clinical hypnotherapist, who helped me breakthrough the fear I had lodged in my subconscious. I won’t go into all the psychological reasons these fears arise, but they can be overcome through hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

Don’t struggle with these subconscious fears any longer. Contact me for a Free introductory session to see if I can help. After a 30 minute complimentary session you will know if this is for you. Just click a date and time on my calendar on the right side of the page or click the link above. Hope to talk soon!

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