Welcome to Lesson one of the Introverts 5 Day Challenge Lesson One.

Are you an Introvert? Do you have difficulty coping with people or situations? Then I have good news for you. You don’t have to suffer and you should not feel insecure and fear that you are being judged or rejected with every step you take.

In lesson one of the introverts 5 day challenge, I will be covering social anxiety, shyness, and lack of confidence.

It’s important to note, that not all introverts have social anxiety or shyness. Some introverts just prefer solitude. I will be speaking more on that in an upcoming lesson.

Overcoming social anxiety takes practice, but is definitely well worth the effort as the result is increasing confidence and self esteem.

Wake up feeling good about yourself, able to face the world with confidence and security and the knowing that no social setting or group of people can come in your way of achieving your desires.

There are hundreds of books written on the subject of how to beat social anxiety, shyness, and lack of confidence. There are a few techniques that anyone can practice.

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Here are 6 suggestions of techniques on how to overcome your social anxiety and/or shyness:

  1. Every morning, as soon as you get up, get in front of a mirror and say out loud: “I AM an Introvert and I have a Superpower. I AM Creative. I AM a Deep Thinker. I Am a Skillful listener. I AM a powerful Observer and Problem Solver. I AM Ready and excited for this day!”

Repeat this affirmation with enthusiasm

at least ten times everyday until it’s ingrained into your subconscious mind. If you feel a little self conscious to begin with lock yourself in the bathroom. The results will amaze you.

2. Feel good about yourself.

Look your best. Dress up more often. This gives you an extra feeling of confidence and self esteem. On its own just knowing that you look good will boost your confidence and reinforce with others that there are things about you that are worth getting to know.

3. Take a risk at least once a day.

It’s very invigorating and conquering fears by taking risks helps you grow in confidence and self esteem.

Start with small risks and fears, like asking a question in a meeting. As you overcome that fear, move onto bigger things. There’s nothing you cannot do. Be confident in knowing that change can only help you grow, and boost your self confidence.

4. When you are engaged in a one to one conversation

Or with a larger group of people, let them know that you enjoy listening and observing. This prevents them from misreading you and they are far more likely to invite you into the conversation rather than leave you just listening and wishing you could contribute.

Many people, myself included, find following a conversation in a noisy room difficult. If you are having difficulty say so and move so that you can hear. People respect honesty, and vulnerability and you will attract more honest people into your life as a result.

5. Rejection is a fact of life

That everyone experiences. It is rarely you that is being rejected. If you are rejected, for example if you ask someone for a date, remember that everyone has different likes and dislikes.

You may be attracted to one type of person and not others. The same applies to other people and you are probably just not their type.

That does not devalue you in any way. Accept this and know that you will get over it. Never take it personally and keep in mind that if people reject you it is because of their own likes and dislikes and not because of who you are.

You are equally entitled to choose who you interact with, because of your likes and dislikes.

6. Engage in an activities that make you feel excited

and good about yourself or start a hobby that gives you a feeling of relaxation. This could be anything from gardening to Tai Chi to Golf.

Take some lessons, learn or master a musical instrument, like guitar or piano, or take singing lessons. Do something that excites you and take a risk. Exploring things that make you feel excited is a great antidote for shyness.

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Introverts 5 Day Challenge Lesson One

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