As a salesperson or entrepreneur do you struggle with motivation? Maybe you procrastinate. You create a to-do list, but half the items don’t get crossed off the list. Maybe you have a prospective client, collaborator, or customer that you want to approach with your proposal, but the fear of rejection stops you from approaching the person. So you go to hear a motivational speaker or you download a motivational mp3. The speaker or trainer gets you pumped up with motivational phrases like: Just do it… Create a list… Bite off small chunks… Face your fears… Make a commitment… and many other logical approaches to conquering your fear or procrastination. The problem with the logical approach is, it only works with about 12% of your mind, which we call the critical mind. Approximately 88% of your mind is subconscious. Your conscious critical mind may say lets do this, but something blocks you from approaching the prospect, or picking up the phone to make cold calls. The block is in the subconscious mind.

Since early childhood our minds have been programmed by experiences of which many are negative. Or, observing your parents, teachers or others in authority, who with mostly good intentions, plant thoughts, beliefs and even irrational fears that get stuck in our subconscious. We are not aware of these traits we have learned, or the scripts that are being recorded in our subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help us re-program these scripts and help remove blocks that are irrational and hidden deep in our subconscious mind.

The following is a video done by HMI college of hypnotherapy, about a person named Victor who is struggling with success in businesss, due to procrastination and fear of approaching people. With the help of his hypnotherapist, Chris, he has a powerful breakthrough, which leads to increased success in his business almost immediately.

If this Victor’s story looks and sounds familiar, I can help. Just take advantage of my free introductory session on my scheduling calendar, or PM me on my facebook page. Hope to talk with your soon!

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