Lack of confidence affects many entrepreneurs, salespeople, and professionals. There are many factors that contribute to low self confidence and low self esteem. Often they have their origin in childhood traumas. Negative experiences, especially in childhood can last for a lifetime in one’s subconscious mind. We may try hard throughout life to gain confidence, but some never achieve it. Why do some people just naturally seem to exude confidence and others can barely look you in the eye? It’s not easily explained, but confidence can be gained through many experiences that bring awareness to our hidden talents and unique gifts.

One way, and in my opinion, the fastest way to gain confidence is through hypnosis and/or NLP. This is not to say that gaining self confidence through risk taking and positive experience is not effective. It definitely is effective, but for some people, even that does not seem to increase their confidence and self esteem.

There may be a block that prevents a person from feeling self assured and confident. This can be a limiting belief, that is programmed from childhood. Fortunately, subconscious programs can be reprogrammed through hypnosis with a trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Also self-hypnosis can be effective with repetitive use.

The video is a sample (full version) of self hypnosis using a recorded audio done by a certified hypnotist, that you can listen to over and over again until you see results. Or you can contact me on my scheduling site for a free consultation to discuss a session with me, which can be a much more effective way of achieving your desired outcome. A session with me is a relaxing, pleasant experience. This is not some crazy stage hypnosis, this is a very positive experience. You are still in control and are fully aware. It is just a way of bypassing your critical faculties to open your subconscious to positive suggestions, that will help rewrite any negative scripts playing in the back our your mind, so to speak. Most sessions are done through zoom or can be done on the phone. This is just as effective as in person sessions.

Just lock in a date and time on my calendar and I will confirm by email. Hope to hear from you soon!

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