Are you a frustrated salesperson? Maybe you are beating yourself up because you should be on the phone calling prospects, but instead you’re procrastinating.  Why are you procrastinating?  The answer in most cases is fear of rejection which causes call reluctance.  So, how do you overcome these barriers.  You can try and muster up the willpower to force yourself to make your calls.  That may work for a while but eventually procrastination takes over because after you make a few calls and get rejected by enough prospects, the fear of rejection takes over and you head out to the golf course or hit the bar for a drink.

You might believe with every fiber of your being that what you are offering is a very valuable service or product, but you still can’t pick up the phone or knock on the door to speak with a potential prospect.   

I can remember listening to motivational tapes and going to seminars to get pumped up, but after one or two rejections I lost all the motivation and went back into procrastination.  So, what changed for me?  Confidence!  How did I gain the confidence?  I worked with a coach and hypnotherapist and reprogrammed the subconscious script I had been playing over and over in my head.  I had limiting beliefs about my personal abilities and self-worth that were embedded in my subconscious at an early age.  My coach and hypnotherapist helped me bypass my critical mind and talk to my subconscious mind using powerful affirming suggestions.  It worked and my confidence sky-rocketed.

I had this limiting belief that what others thought of me was more important that what I believed about myself.  I also was believing that rejection by a potential client was rejection of me personally.  Using hypnotherapy and therapeutic imagery I had a breakthrough.  Cold calling, public speaking and memory retention all became much easier and were no longer threatening.  My negative self-talk was almost eliminated.  When the negative voice reappeared, I was able to recognize it and dismiss it.

We have all come from different backgrounds.  Many of us were raised by critical parents or had negative role models in our early years.  Our subconscious accepted their negativity and fears and started the negative self-talk within our mind. 

In my sessions with my clients I use a combination of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), hypnotherapy and life strategy coaching to increase your confidence, decrease your anxiety about failure and help eliminate your fear of rejection.  I will help you anchor belief in yourself and your sales ability.  This will help you sell with confidence, increase your earnings, and feel like a new person.

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