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50 Articles and 500 followers gone in a flash.

I’m a former Medium writer. If you were one of my followers and cannot find my articles, this post will try to explain why I am no longer writing articles for

I wrote about 50 articles for Medium and was building a loyal following. I was even making a few dollars each month in their partner program.

About a month ago, I was about to post a new article, and received a message that my “account is under investigation or may have violated the rules.”

My articles on Medium were similar to what you find on this blog. I write about self-improvement, personal development, coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation and spirituality.

It was a bit of a shock when I received that notice. I felt like a criminal when it stated I was under investigation. Needless to say, it was a bad day when I found out I may never write for again.

I’m still not sure what triggered the notice. I’m guessing I unknowingly broke a rule. I don’t write about anything controversial or harmful. In fact, I only write about uplifting, positive, and inspirational messages.

Read the rules carefully

The only rule I can think of that triggered this notice from Medium was a few affiliate links to hypnotherapy or coaching programs that were relevant to the particular article. After reading the rules more thoroughly, apparently this is not allowed.

Whatever the reason, I would highly recommend that you read the rules closely if you are writing for

I hold no grudge toward Medium, it is an excellent platform for medium writers. I may have unknowingly violated a rule or two. But I will not write again for a platform if there is the possibility of losing all of my hard work. I spent hundreds of hours writing articles to have them disappear in a second.

Final thoughts

I learned my lesson and will only write articles and blog posts on websites that I own. If you have followed my writing, I really appreciate you and hope you will continue to read my articles on this site and others that I own.

May it a great day!

Introduction to with peaceful scene in the background

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