Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature, but risk taking can cause extreme stress and anxiety. Learn how an entrepreneur can manage the fears and stress of new ventures.

In many ways, the life of an entrepreneur is similar to someone swimming in a lake. They first check the depth of the lake and any rocks or other threats. Then they dive in. They swim against the current of the majority of swimmers, while keeping their focus on the shore. They are driven to succeed because they have the passion to do so. This passion is a major fuel for those who are willing to take risk.

Most people have a passion they dream of pursuing, but fears block them from moving forward. The entrepreneur lives with the fears and does it anyway. They are willing to try things that many would not. They have not only tried, but found a way to turn passion into profit. An entrepreneur has courage and fortitude.

Fear and anxiety can be overcome with the desire and drive to change your state of mind. This requires that you learn how to manage your fears and stress. You can find great help using a combination of Coaching, NLP with a certified, well trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist.

Not taking action is similar to the person who is drowning in a lake and is afraid to jump in and save themselves. The person does not take action because they are afraid of the consequences. This is the mindset of the person afraid of risk.

The more courage we have, the easier it is to manage the process and plan the risks. Otherwise we will wait and hope for someone to save us.

You may have an irrational fear that is buried in your subconscious. This fear could be why you resist taking the next step. I can help you manage and in some cases eliminate those fears and apprehensions. If we take action, we can manage the risks and rewards.

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